Friday, May 13, 2011

Reading My Way to Better Design

I realized recently that I am completely capable of coding up a website frontend, but I struggle to make that website frontend look really good. My webdesign tends to be either too simple (“austere” is how one observer described it) or too tacky (my love for everything 80s seeps into all parts of my life). I was okay with this before when I was just making developer-facing demos, but now I’m at a stage where I want to make user-facing webapps, and I want the users to experience them and think “Wow, slick.”

So, I’ve set out to acquire a better taste in design, and I decided one way to do that is to surround myself on a daily basis with examples of great design. After Google’ing around and reading this HackerNews thread, I set up a folder in my Google Reader of 10 design-related blogs, and I now spend every morning reading through the posts (after drooling over my recipes feed, of course). It’s a great mix of topics, ranging from web design how-tos to well-designed physical products. It's hard for me to quantify if my design skills are improving, but I am at least thinking much more about it than before and acknowledging its importance.

If you want to do the same as me, you can subscribe to my folder feed or subscribe to the individual blogs listed below:

Please let me know in the comments if you have other suggestions for great blogs to read (and books too, while you’re at it).

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