Friday, October 19, 2007

Can't figure out what's so intriguing about this video... but it's there.

Robyn, the singer who was once a one-hit wonder with the pop hit 'Show me love' way back in the 90s, has come back with some fierce funky pop and similarly odd videos.

The video for 'Handle Me' is just Robyn in a series of boxes of different shapes, but she seems to be constrained somehow, or like her body's not quite all part of the same skeleton. Sometimes its obvious that her head motion is done separately from the rest of her body motion, but other times it's just seems like her various body movements are just a little bit off, and I can't figure out if it's just the way she moves, or if there's some behind-the-scenes actions.

These are the kind of videos that I always wanted to see 'The Making Of''s for. I remember as a kid I got really excited for MTV's Making-the-Video show -- but all they ever showed was how to make videos with bling and lights. They never showed how to make videos with quirky non-obvious special effects, so the show was just a big tease.

Anyway, watch it. Maybe you can figure it out.

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