Thursday, April 9, 2009

Google Image Search + Color Restrict: Just look what you can find!

This week, Google officially announced support for filtering by colors in Google Image search results.I don't actually know if this is actually a useful tool yet, but even if it's not - it's freaking fun. Here are some cool results from myself and the twitterverse.

You can find beautiful landscapes: sky, red

You can find your school logos: usc, red
(via @oGLOWo)

You can find a world covered in fail stickers: fail, red
(via @niick)

You can find a phrase that's lived up to its colors: state, blue
(via @ManoMarks)

And one more of those: journalism, yellow
(via @KevinMarks)

You can find two colors at once: red, black

And finally, you can find creatures you never thought existed: dolphins, pink
(via @niick)

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Ankit Guglani said...

I think this is really cool (and useful) ... I often look for images that match color schemes for desktop props, website backgrounds, presentations [less time consuming to find the right image quickly than to fire up pixelmator and use the magic wand]. This is far better (and also more accurate) than hoping to rely on the fact that the color of the image is in its name. If I want a purple starfield, I want a purple starfield (... and thank you Google for finding me one). =)