Sunday, December 5, 2010

Reuseable HTML & CSS Teaching Materials

When I decided to bring GDI to Australia and kickstart it with an HTML & CSS mini-course, I had a side goal: create reusable teaching materials. There are a huge number of online resources to help you learn web development, but there are few bundled sets of resources that can be used together to actually teach a topic to a class of students. (Or, atleast, few that I could find). I set out to make materials that I could CC-license and share with potential teachers, so that they could focus on customizing and delivering the materials instead of preparing them from scratch (which takes a surprising amount of time).

Since delivering the materials a few months back, I have cleaned them up and theyre now online here, at a nice friendly URL:

To see what's there, you can click through the various lesson links. To actually get started re-using the material yourself, you can download the linked zip file, or if you want an easy way to host it online for your class, you can even download the website files from github and deploy them to App Engine or your own server.

If you do end up delivering the course (or some version of it), I would love to hear about it. We need more HTML & CSS teaching in the world!

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