Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WDCNZ: The Developer Experience

Last month, I had the honor of giving the first talk of the day at WDCNZ, a new conference in Wellington, New Zealand. WDCNZ was the brainchild of Owen Evans, one of the lead developers at Xero, and his goal in putting it together was to provide a full day of technical talks for web developers and to bring the local web development community together. I wanted to give a talk that would be interesting to web developers of all different sorts, and also would be something I'm passionate about myself - so I decided to give a talk around a topic I wrote a handbook about and discussed in recent blog posts - "The Developer Experience."

For my talk, I wanted to explain what I think of as "developer experience", motivate people to really care about it, and give concrete examples of what makes for a great experience. It was an interesting talk to prepare and give, and hopefully gets other people thinking about the topic and giving similar talks in the future. I've embedded the slides and video below so you can watch for yourself what I said. Thank you to WDCNZ for giving me the opportunity to give the talk and for an awesome conference!

The Developer Experience (Slides)

The Developer Experience from WDCNZ on Vimeo.

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