Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Happy Hacktoberfest!

Every year, DigitalOcean runs an event called Hacktoberfest to encourage more folks to contribute to open source. They've introduced new rules this year to avoid the issues last year of floods of trivial not-helpful pull requests, and they're making sure all projects explicitly opt-in to participate. A lot of open source maintainers are doing it on their own time, and we'd love contributions, but we want the contributions to be in good faith.

Here are the projects and repositories that I've opted into Hacktoberfest this year:

For each of those repositories, I've tried to make sure there are at least a few issues in the issue tracker for people looking for ideas. I also welcome your own ideas too! As long as they're unit-tested, of course. 😄

Check out this blog post from my colleague to see what Python repositories we've opted in from the Microsoft organization, like the picologging library I've been hacking on lately.

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