Friday, September 30, 2011

Pre-Deploy Git Check

Since I'm the only one developing EatDifferent, I've been content to store it in a Dropbox folder and use a local git repository for version control. But I got nervous thinking about what would happen if something went horribly wrong while I was unavailable (like on a plane), and decided I needed a backup collaborator -- someone who could quickly checkout the code and deploy a fix.

I probably could have shared the Dropbox folder with them, but I instead opted for a private Github plan for $7 a month, which lets me share my code repository with my backup collaborator. Plus, I now get to browse my code history and commits via Github's slick online interface.

I often forgot to git commit and push my changes, so I added this check to my Makefile which errors if there are uncommited changes. I run the check everytime I deploy my code to App Engine, to make sure the code always reflects what's deployed.

So far, the workflow seems to work...and now I can fly a plane in peace. ☺

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