Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Client-Side Error Logging

After setting up my Python code to send server-side errors to my inbox, I wasn't satified. I wanted to know about JavaScript errors, too! So I set up my base template to send JavaScript errors to my server and log those as errors. Now I find out about all errors immediately in my inbox, and I can deploy a fix before it affects users for too long. So far I've found a couple errors this way that otherwise I wouldn't have known about (due to different user behaviors + browsers).

I use this JavaScript for sending errors to a handler on the server, which then logs them as an error using logging.error:

When I tweeted about my solution, I was pointed to a few related projects and techniques:

  • An article with various tips on logging JS errors.
  • jserrlog.appspot.com: A solution hosted on App Engine, where you just drop in the JS and view the logs on their server.
  • Errorception: A startup devoted to "painless javascript error tracking" and will include more cross-browser logging, emails, and web hooks. Sounds promising!

Since deploying my solution, I've discovered that window.onerror doesn't work in all browsers (even some "modern" ones like Android), so if you are looking to catch every error, you should checkout those links to see the workarounds they employ.

Update (2/20/2012): I've updated my function to ignore errors that I know aren't mine, like those generated from 3rd party scripts. I could also update it to just only show errors from my server's JS, but for now I'm interested in what other errors folks encounter. You can see that updated code in this gist.

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