Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sending Errors to Email in App Engine

When my EatDifferent server-side code results in an error or exception, it gets logged in the App Engine dashboard. I was getting anxious wondering if there are new errors in the logs, refreshing the dashboard every few hours, so I decided to make sure all errors get immediately emailed to me and researched how best to do that.

First I checked out the App Engine ereporter module , but it was set to aggregate errors and email reports once a day -- not frequent enough for anxious me.

I then found a developer that wrote loggers to send errors over Channel API, PubNub, and XMPP, with a throttling mechanism built-in to prevent getting spammed when many errors happen at once.

I took his XMPP logger and converted it to send email instead, and set the throttling threshold to 5 minutes instead of 1 second. Now I feel much less anxious! You can grab the code from this gist:

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