Friday, October 7, 2011

Ada Lovelace Day: Women that Inspire Me

Today is Ada Lovelace Day, a day to celebrate the women of math, science, and technology, and the challenge today is to write a blog post highlighting a woman that inspires us. I blogged an interview with my mum a few years ago (the first woman in tech I ever knew!), so this year, I thought I'd highlight a few women that inspire me today.

  • Sara Chipps:

    Sara started GirlDevelopIt in New York, with the goal of getting more women in web development by actually teaching them how to do it. She inspired me to run a GirlDevelopIt in Sydney, and I still remember those months as some of my favorite down under. In addition to being the force behind GDI, Sara still develops - just yesterday, she wrote an uber-useful Chrome extension that I installed instantly.

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  • Gina Trapani:

    I first knew of Gina for starting lifehacker, a popular blog of tips for using tech and optimizing your digital life (and the biggest source of traffic for my little Profane Game). I then knew her as the author of "The Complete Guide to Google Wave", an attempt to explain how to use Wave to the average joe. I was on the Wave team then, and I knew that was no small feat. And now, I know her as a developer, working on an open-source web app for social media analysis. Blogger, author, coder, speaker - Gina does it all.

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  • Leigh Fonseca:

    I met Leigh just this week, at the WITI Next-Gen Summit, where Leigh and I talked to high school girls about how we got into tech and why we love it. Leigh started off with a history degree, but when she realized she had a thing for analyzing customer data, she started data science departments at Rhapsody and then BookRenter, where she is now. Most companies don't have data scientists nor realize they need one, so Leigh is paving the way for others with her interest. When she's not analyzing data, she's preparing for triathlons. Impressive.

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  • Kendall Ronzano:

    I also met Kendall this week - she's actually one of the girls that Leigh and I talked to at the conference. She's a high school junior who's already started programming for her robotics team (C++!) and wants to learn more. She's also set a fun challenge for herself: build a house. I hope Kendall represents the next generation of women in tech!

So, who inspires you?

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