Friday, October 21, 2011

Code Quality Tools

Now that my EatDifferent application code is getting cleaner, I wanted to make it even cleaner by using automated code quality tools.

First, I ran jshint over all my *.js files and fixed a bunch of little issues (like using "===" instead of "==" in many places). Here's how I setup my Makefile to download jshint and run it:

Then I ran script to fix the indenting on all my *.py files. I had been using 2-space indents, as that's we used at Google and also what I use in JavaScript, but I was convinced to go with the PEP8 standard, 4 spaces.

Then I downloaded SublimeLinter, a plugin for Sublime Text that automatically checks your code as you write it, using jshint for JS and pyflakes for Python. I configured that to ignore a few PEP8 warnings in the settings JSON ("pep8_ignore": [ "E501", "E221", "E203"]). I'm quite liking SublimeLinter - its lint tools actually catch a few things that could result in real bugs and its nice to be able to correct my code as soon as I type it.

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