Saturday, October 15, 2011

JS & CSS Compiling, Compression & Cache-Busting

Everytime I deploy a new version of the CSS and JavaScript for EatDifferent to production, I run it through a series of steps to ensure code quality and performance:

  • Code quality: I use JSHint to check for JavaScript code quality issues. Sometimes it's a matter of style, but other times it actually finds issues that can become runtime bugs.
  • Concatenation: I use cat to combine my JS files and CSS files into one file each, so that the browser can issue less HTTP requests when loading the page.
  • Compression: I use Closure Compiler to minify my JS and YUI Compressor to minify my CSS, so that those HTTP requests are smaller.
  • Cache bust: I append the current timestamp as a query parameter to the JS and CSS in my base template HTML. I serve the files as static files off App Engine which would normally result in browsers caching them forever, but by appending new query parameters for each deploy, I force the browsers to re-download them only when they've changed.

I do all of this in a Makefile, including downloading the necessary tools. You can see the relevant bits in this gist:

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