Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Simplifying the Terms of Service

At the GDISF study group last night, one of the attendees was working on the Terms of Service for a new site, and she wanted to give the users a way to see the layman-friendly version of the terms. She was inspired by the "Simply Put" right hand side of the Pinterest site, and was experimenting with other ways to present that.


I'd never seen that sort of thing before, and I think it's pretty neat, so I asked on Twitter for more examples. Here are a few they shared:




Related to this, there's the Terms of Service; Didn't Read initiative that comes up with layman-friendly version of the top TOSes, and there's a list of related efforts to simplify terms and identify ambigious terms from CommonTerms.

How do you make your Terms of Service layman-friendly? Tell me in the comments!

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